• Step One:

    Put the NightTight™ adjustable fitted bed sheet on your mattress as you would with a traditional fitted bed sheet.

  • Step Two:

    Pull the elastic drawcord through the locking device to your desired tightness or as much necessary to fit your mattress.

  • Step Three:

    Tuck the draw cord and locking device underneath your mattress for a more streamlined appearance. This will prevent your fitted bed sheet from popping off the sides of your mattress!

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Why NightTight™ Bedding is right for you..

NightTight™ is a solution oriented bedding company creating the next generation of bedding. We strive to resolve a common struggle that many people face when using traditional fitted bed sheets that pop off the mattress. Our patent pending design offers an innovative solution allowing you to adjust your fitted bed sheet precisely to the size of your mattress for better sleep!

  • I love my sheet! It fits perfectly on the mattress and my husband loves them too. My son has already asked me to buy him one as well.

    - Ashley

  • This is a total game changer! I was so impressed with how fast my order arrived.

    - Matthew

  • I ordered some for my entire family and my daughter who's away at college. We absolutely love these sheets.

    - Catherine

  • No more worrying about the fitted sheet popping off the bed. It even works on our adjustable mattress.

    - Josh

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